Sous Chef

Managers are the voices that speak above the rest in our kitchens. It is their responsibility to lead the team and set the pace when the music is playing, and orders are rolling in.

Our Sous Chefs lead our back of house on a day-to-day basis and thrive in a busy kitchen full of pride, pace, and energy. They coach and drive the education of our BOH team members staff training and enable them to provide excellent quality, service, and atmosphere within the restaurant during the shifts.

Head Chef

Our Head Chefs handle all aspects of the operation in the kitchen, coaching and directing all parts of the staff training management. They are the pillars in our food safety and quality standards and are role models in motivating our teams to provide an excellent quality, service, and atmosphere in the restaurant.

Restaurant Manager

Our Restaurant Managers lead our front of house on a day-to-day basis, coaching fishes to be the greatest hosts. They are hands-on and work the floor to set the right mood!

They train and develop the FOH Team, and ensure guests are given a warm welcome in the form of excellent quality and service.

They are able to combine an outspoken tone with a high level of professionalism—not to mention, a sense of humor. Aside from having a positive attitude, it is important that they are a motivational and inspiring leader.

General Manager

Our General Manager are our overall guardian of our culture and hospitality. They coach, direct, and build team skills on all levels within the restaurants. They get great things done and are inspiring and effective in their communication to people around them.

They always try to find opportunities to optimise and grow Sticks’n’Sushi. They control and plan financial and operational aspects to reach their targets and always drive to make themselves and others better.

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